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 Hey!  My name is Sarah. I am a Registered Nurse (in hibernation), a swim coach (Lakeside Aquatics Team and Northshore High School), a wife (to a spearfishing statistician), a mom (to two rambunctious boys and a baby girl), who stumbled upon photography as a hobby.

Sometime in 2014, after my first child was born, I really got the urge to stop taking so many pictures with my iPhone and pick up a camera in order to document their childhood. I purchased what I thought would be a good camera, and got to shooting. Shortly after we moved to Louisiana, two amazing photographers in the Baton Rouge area decided to start having a beginner photography class. I signed up, despite that it would take me almost 2 hours to get there! Even though my camera was not up to par, I was hooked. Shortly after that I upgraded my camera. Then, my husband bought me some editing software (which I had NO IDEA how to use) for a Mother’s Day gift.  About a year later, they offered an editing class using the same software my husband had purchased for me (thank goodness).  Again, I was hooked, so I took it!  I am so thankful for these two photographers, their interest in spreading their love for their passion, and their encouragement along the way.

The more I took photos of my boys, the more I loved it. The funny thing is, I got a camera and took the class with no intentions of ever taking other people’s pictures as a business, but here I am! I hope you like what you see.

My Favorites:

Saltwater. Fitness. Vibrant Colors. Chocolate. Laughter. ❤