Brother Frog | Candid Kids | Personal Files

It’s OK to blog about my kids on my business page, right? I couldn’t help but stop reviewing a medical record I was working on and grab the camera when Parker ran inside and excitedly said, “Mom, I got a frog!” (frog in hand).  He was so gentle, even though I was terrified and kept reminding him to be gentle so we didn’t hurt him.  After catching some pictures of Parker with the frog and him showing Connor, I told Parker we needed to release him.  Parker was very unhappy, and begged me to keep him as a pet.  I told him we shouldn’t keep him as a pet because he belonged in our backyard somewhere where he would be happy.  He still didn’t like that response (toddlers!).  We agreed we could keep him in a bucket where he can breathe until dad came home, we could show dad, and then we would have to let him go before dinner.  Parker agreed.  We put the frog in a little bucket, and even though I insisted he didn’t need any water, Parker insisted it was necessary.  He then told the frog he needed to go to sleep until daddy came home, so he grabbed his toy flute and started playing some music for the frog.  “But he won’t go to sleep, mom?!” After explaining that he probably didn’t want a nap right now, Parker then decided he needed a train to play with (because who doesn’t want a train to play with, right?).  By this time, it was time to head out and grab some groceries, so we packed up, Parker said “bye bye” frog and blew him a kiss, and we ran out for our errands before dinner.  When daddy came home, we showed him the frog.  When Bryce (dad) told Parker it was dinner time so we had to take him to a tree to go home, Parker said, “but I don’t want to let him go because he is my brother.” SO SWEET! He took such great care of him all day.  Don’t worry, we did let him go.

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