Family Fishing Pier Adventure | Daddy & Me Mini Session

I had heard about the new fishing pier on the side of the twin span from Bryce a while back, while it was under construction but hadn’t made it over to check it out.  I had also been contemplating doing a “Daddy & Me” shoot for Father’s Day, but procrastinated because I wasn’t sure if I was ready to offer several minis in a row or have the courage to do so.  By the time I finally got up the courage to take Bryce and the boys there for a test shoot, the weather was awful!  For a whole week I kept trying to get there, but the rain and thunderstorms and ear infections just kept getting in the way.  I kept watching the radar when it was pretty much my last shot to make this effort happen, and finally saw a break in the sky about the same time Bryce would be able to leave work to come be a part of the pictures.  The sun would set right over the lake on the west side of the pier, but of course it was incredibly cloudy (which actually made for a really cool sky).  It was also dinner time, so you know, dodging rain, squeezing in a photo shoot with boys (your own boys who don’t listen to you in the first place – let alone when you ask them to look at the camera), at dinner time, which is toddler witching hour.  It was slightly a disaster (to me).  After coming home a little bummed, worn out, serving Wendy’s dollar menu for dinner, and thinking I didn’t get any good pictures, I was pleasantly surprised to start editing anyway and get some photos I want framed for myself! It is still last minute, but, I do plan to offer these mini sessions in time to have the photos delivered by Father’s Day to those who would like to get some shots of their kids and dad!  Check it out 🙂


daddy&me June 2017.jpg

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