Vacation Part 1 | Islamorada, FL

Whew!  Now that I have finally caught up on chores, laundry, and doctor’s appointments after coming back from vacation, I think I should probably share some pictures from our family vacation while I sit around and wait for baby Emma’s arrival.  Bryce’s family takes a trip to the Florida Keys, Islamorada specifically, every summer.  If I ever have to vacation anywhere, Islamorada is my favorite.  I would go in a heartbeat anytime.  It’s not a beachy atmosphere, but it’s amazing.  For the beach you definitely have to stay farther north on the mainland of Florida.  But, the Keys are our happy place.  The fishing, the sunsets, the snorkeling, THE WATER. Ugh, take me back!

This year we had a two part vacation.  Part 2 will be in a later post (because I have’t finished going through those photos). This part was with the Herrington side of the family, Mimi, Poppy, and Aunt Cari.  The house that was rented actually came with a small private beach access (which is very rare down there to have a beach access) which was PERFECT for the boys.  No waves, clear water, they loved it.

I know, picture overload.  But I couldn’t help it.  These were all taken with my Canon.  Before leaving for the trip I almost purchased a protective case for my camera (Dicapac) but decided since my husband had an old GoPro (like really old) and my mom had an underwater scuba camera, I wouldn’t need it.  So, I didn’t.  However, I wasn’t crazy about the results.  Here are the old GoPro pictures.

I think someone will be getting an upgrade for their birthday or Christmas this year, haha!  Here are the pictures from my mom’s Sea Life camera.

We got some fun pictures, but I just had more fun playing with RAW images.  So, back to my Canon I went.  And I immediately got on amazon and purchased the Dicapac case for the second leg of the trip.

We fed the tarpon.

I attempted some sunset pictures.

And, Bryce got to shoot his Bull on a fishing charter with CaribSea using his personally hand crafted speargun.

Parker is already asking to go back, and I can’t blame him!

Next up, vacation part 2.

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