Underwater Portraits | Slidell, LA

While sitting around, patiently waiting for Miss Emma to arrive, I received an inquiry from one of my high school seniors about mimicking an underwater portrait for her.  I had never tried something like that before, but decided it would be fun to do! And, a great way to stay busy before Emma.  We headed over to a local pool, she had a dress to use that she didn’t mind ruining, and we jumped in!  I had to use my DiCAPac (underwater) case over my DSLR for these, so good thing I had just tested it out on our trip to Florida.  Being 39 weeks pregnant added quite the challenge, I am a lot more buoyant than I thought!  Also, fins are also good to have on hand (for next time).  I really enjoyed the challenge of taking the photos and editing them!  So much fun.  Enjoy!

After the dress portion, I asked her to bring her NHS suit so we could attempt some fun, team inspired pictures.  Not bad for my first attempt! Thanks for being such a trooper and my first underwater test subject, Maddie!

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